[Oberon] all in one git tree

D EMARD vordah at gmail.com
Fri Dec 25 11:37:52 CET 2020

git/github or any other similar source control thing with web interface
handles well line-delimited source. It has some language auto-detector
and syntax highlighter from web interface so if it recognizes
something, it will report repository like 80% python 15% fortran
5% unknown, all have it like this.

Even if it is not a language but a line-delimited stuff like
kicad PCB design and gerbers, it's also manageable by git.

gIt can of course hold exe binaries or jpegs but repository
size will then rapidly rise towards GB-"fat" dynosaurus

No mirracles can be expected, git is not having any artifical
knowledge between branches, it's up to developer A
to look at other branch from developer B and see if he can
directly "cherry-pick" some code changes (100% compatible)
or should he manually rewrite them because API or compiler
is different.

It's just a collection of all things on one place so you don't
need may internet connections to see what other developer
has done, just refresh main tree and switch to whatever branch
and look at branch history.

Most important thing is giving each change a human-readable
description why it has been done or what it changes, so other people
can know what's inside before reading the code itself. Human-reading
the historic comments should be there help navigation and borrowing
of the code.

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