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> Following some links on NS32000 CPU I found today an article in a
> magazine about a talk by Professor Wirth in 1985, USA (see the index
> on first page).
> It mentions that he is working on a new Modula II (sic) compiler for
> the NS32000 and also an operating system (!), no mention yet of the
> name Oberon.
> http://bitsavers.org/magazines/Micro_Cornucopia/Micro_Cornucopia_%232
> 5_Aug85.pdf
> The author mentions having a tape of the conference and transcribing
> some parts, and I wonder: anyone have audio registers (or video or
> links) of conferences of Prof. Wirth from the 70's, 80's? In youtube
> there are some from the 90's on I guess.
> Prof Pablo Cayuela
> Argentina

Professor Wirth presented on Feb 9th 1985 at the 'Stride Faire 85' held at the MGM Grand hotel at Las Vegas. 


Maybe this was the one you were referring to? Unfortunately 'the MGM hotel forgot to make the tapes':


Jerry Pournelle wrote about it in the July 1985 issue of Byte magazine:



It is also mentioned in the blog by Rod Coleman the founder of Sage / Stride computer and organiser of the Faire, including a photo of him with Niklaus Wirth:

(Search for 'Stride Faire 85')




Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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