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Hello Pablo,

From:	Pablo Cayuela <pablo.cayuela at gmail.com>
Date:	Fri, 1 Jan 2021 23:02:58 -0300
> I thought that an entire chapter on how Oberon works on Ceres machine is
> not completed right now because since Oberon was ported maybe we are all
> concentrated on the other platforms (that we do have); 

For me there are two constraints.  Information.  Time. Certainly a 
chapter about Ceres would be desirable.

> where are the original code for putting to work a Ceres computer (1, 
> 2, 3?) with Oberon (System 3 I guess)?
> It is even mentioned on PO2013 that some parts of the original Oberon
> System (bootloader?) were written in assembler, ...

The easiest way is for someone with a working Ceres to donate the boot 
software. I don't know any individual possessing a Ceres.  Probably a 
few remain in Europe.  The Computer History Museum has more than one.  
A person living near the museum can become a member and initiate 
restoration of a Ceres to working condition.  Then the boot code will 
be accessible.  If you want to take a sabbatical year or so in 
California, there is a nice possibility. I live beyond commuting 
distance and can not volunteer for such project.

The Oberon sources are in the original Project Oberon book.

> I know that Ceres computers are not available easily but some
> retrocomputing hobbyists gave a second chance to too many computers 
> and if that is the case for Oberon System on Ceres, there is a need to 
> have the original code and bootstrapping sequence described to 
> reproduce it all over. At least for study purposes or history 
> registers.

Another possibility: the Web site you mentioned has an interesting 
page describing computers built with wirewrap and with breadboard 
wiring. http://www.cpu-ns32k.net/Gilbert.html Hypothetically, there is 
a possibility of recreating a Ceres machine.

A further possibility: the Web site you mentioned has an interesting 
page about implementing(?) a NS 32xxx in FPGA.

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