[Oberon] [EXT] Porting S3 / V4 Oberon

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Mon Jan 4 03:26:55 CET 2021

    > Sounds like a plan. A dream would be to have a V4 successor named V6
    > replacing V4 under Windows and Linux, and also running on the FPGA.

>An alternative approach would be to *first* rewrite V4 under V4 itself to "clean
>it up", as you had suggested in a previous message, i.e. first eliminate LOOP,
>EXIT and RETURN *under V4*, step by step, while keeping V4 running. 

Yes. Keeping the system running is very desirable. It should be renamed V6 to avoid chaos and confusion. 

> Then compile for FPGA (either on V4 using a cross-compiler or on the FPGA itself).

A cross compiler under V4/V6 would be cool. Joerg was using this approach.

> That way, one doesn’t need to amend the Oberon-07 compiler.

There is now a confusion. When Chris or Joerg say "Oberon-07", they both mean the original NW compiler with minor modifications. When you say "Oberon-07", then you most likely mean your own compiler with Oberon-2 type bound methods. Correct? It is confusing. 

Some sort of a tool to flag the incompatibilities would help. It does need to be a full compiler.  I suggested the Analyzer. A kind of a tool which would put red flags into the source at places which need attention. It would help. It may be of a more universal interest. 

>PS: Personally, I would be more interested in V4 für RISC-V, where
>Extended Oberon also runs (but with no memory limitations).

Ideally, the SW should not depend on the HW which it is running, except the compiler and the low level modules. Ideally, V4/V6 will run on Linux/Windows like now, in the emulators, and on the FPGA boards(s). Ideally, it will be the same V4/V6. 


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