[Oberon] Smallest Oberon board ever made?

Magnus Karlsson magnus at saanlima.com
Sat Jan 9 18:59:09 CET 2021


Monochrome video framebuffer takes 96 KB (1024 x 768 / 8).
The Artix7-50 has 300 KB of BRAM, of which 128 KB is used for cache, 96 
KB used for video memory, 2 KB for boot memory and 74 KB not used at the 
The address of the video framebuffer can be changed via a register so 
that it can be moved from the default location at the end of the lower 1 
MB so above the 8 MB range.
The IPS6404 is an odd memory. Expressif, the maker of the very popular 
ESP8266 and ESP32 wireless microcontrollers also makes (or rebrands) 
this part for use with ESP32.


On 1/8/2021 3:49 PM, Pablo Cayuela wrote:
> Oh!, it's really amazing the level of integration, and even the micro 
> connectors appear big against the chips.
> If BRAM is for monochrome video memory, how much is it?
> The 128 kB caché is part of the 8 MB PSRAM chip (IPS6404) or where it 
> resides?
> The IPS6404, is it acquirable? How much is the cost? I read on the 
> IPUS site "for limited customers only", maybe you're one of them.
> Congratulations Magnus for such a wonderful board.
> Best regards,
> Prof Pablo Cayuela
> Argentina

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