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> > ...
> > - The Fold elements you found already
> > - Version elements allow you to have different versions (e.g.
> > Emulator1, Emulator2, FPGA) in the same source file
> To my understanding those are the only elements appearing in module
> sources.
> Translation of a fold element to a collapsible element in HTML5 might
> be possible.
> I've yet to find an example of a version element.  Folds are obvious
> in WebFTP.Mod.  If versioning is there, I don't recognize it.
> Thx,                                ... P. L.

On the Windows version of Linz V4, the module TextFrames, for example, has
PowerMac, Linux and Windows versions all in the same source file. The second
line in the source code shows something like this:


When you click with the middle-mouse on the '<' marker you get a popup menu
with each of the three operating systems to choose from. The source code
changes depending on which one you use.

In the body of the source code file each section that is dependent on these
three choices is bracketed with < ... >

Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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