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> I also vaguely remember that Java was inspired by System 3 and there
> were references to it in the very early Java publications. But later
> they disappeared. Perhaps unintentionally.

Java is a programming language, not an operating system. You may be thinking
of claims that the Java 'byte-code' was inspired by Pascal's P-Code machine
which was initially developed by Wirth's team at ETH for the portable
Pascal-P compiler:


According to Wikipedia this was based on Wirth's earlier work with the Euler
compiler in 1965:


as mentioned here:


Most of its fame occurred later with its use in Pascal systems on
microcomputers in the 1980's. e.g. the UCSD P-System and Apple Pascal.
Subsequently, modified versions appeared in the form of M-code for Modula-2:


I believe an Oberon version, O-Code, was used in lectures at ETH in the

Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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