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I like the colors
- blue: Language
- yellow: Operating System
- red: HW

Just as a remark to the genealogy:
a yellow box „Medos-2“ could be added; running on (red) Lilith HW
Medos-2 can be seen as grand grand father of today‘s Oberon system.

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> The genealogy graph created by Ivan Denisov is now in
> https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Oberon#Historical_Perspective .
> Thanks to Ivan!
> In the past few months someone commented about node colors and shapes
> denoting language, organization, system, compiler and workstation.
> I would have quoted the message but failed to find it.  A private
> message?
> If someone wants to improve the diagram, good.  The caption has a link
> to the DOT source oberongenealogy.gv. Rather than edit the SVG
> directly, please edit oberongenealogy.gv, update it in the book,
> render the new SVG and update oberongenealogy.svg in
> commons.wikimedia.org.  The revised image will appear in the book.
> Experimental Oberon is an obvious possibility.  It requires a node
> for the language revision and a node for the compiler revision;
> correct? Andreas, if you send a revised oberongenealogy.gv or
> instructions, will do my best to incorporate properly.
> I've also reorganized the information about Text to recognize
> differences between systems more realistically. The front page has a
> overview.  https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Oberon#Oberon_Text
> System specific information is linked there.
> Comments and complaints always welcome.
> Thx,                          ... P. L.
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