[Oberon] Astrobe memory footprint

Chris Burrows chris at cfbsoftware.com
Sat Feb 13 03:29:35 CET 2021

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> Subject: Astrobe memory footprint
> Chris:
>   what is the run time footprint of Astrobe itself, w/o loading any
> applications? I am seeing 58,144 in your example screen shot. Are
> these bytes?  Is it really as high as 57 kB at run time, or am I
> misreading the screen?

Correct, but I would word it differently. It is really *as low as* 57 kB at
run time. Given 11 modules and a total of 2550 lines of code, that's an
average of about 5 kB per module or just over 20 bytes per line of source

If you are trying to make comparisons with other operating systems, keep in
mind also that any applications to be loaded that use any of the OS runtime
facilities (memory allocation, file handling, text handling, input etc) may
be comparatively smaller as they don't have the overhead of linking in any
of that code that is already loaded. They just reuse what is already
resident in memory.

Chris Burrows

CFB Software


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