[Oberon] [EXT] Re: Astrobe memory footprint

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Sat Feb 13 04:35:29 CET 2021


>Correct, but I would word it differently. It is really *as low as* 57 kB at
>run time.

Thank you for the clarification. It is an important piece of info for my planning. I have a number of boards where I plan to embed the run time OS. It is important to know what is the footprint when there is no external RAM on board. 

> Given 11 modules and a total of 2550 lines of code, that's an
>average of about 5 kB per module or just over 20 bytes per line of source

Thank you for quoting these numbers too! The first is very important as it sizes a long term maintenance effort. It is feasible for me to tell the collaborators "yes we can" if the code size is a few thousand lines. 

>They just reuse what is already resident in memory.

Yes, I know. FYI, one of our former associates wrote a resident run time entirely in the form of a single MODULE* (note the star). It seemed a very good idea as the code size was pretty small, like 16 kB. Now that I looked at the code, I was quite terrified how many details he had to code himself. Most of these details would be provided by the Astrobe kernel. So now I think that we should follow the Astrobe path. Pretty obvious, is it not?

We just hired a bright intern and we will see how far we can go.

Thank you!

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