[Oberon] Oberon compiler construction videos

Arthur Yefimov artur.efimov at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 15:08:23 CET 2021

Recently in Riga we started a new YouTube channel called "Programming
in Oberon", where we publish our Oberon-related videos. Right now we
are focused on using Blackbox to create a convenient console
cross-platform Oberon compiler that would work something like fpc or gcc.

The idea of starting an YouTube channel was somewhat spontaneous, so
the first video starts "from the middle" and talks about recursive module
traversal (creatation of a list of modules for compilation and linking).

The videos are in Russian language, however we made subtitles that
can be autotranslated on YouTube to any other language. I checked
English, and it turned out to work quite well. I will probably also add
manual English subtitles later.

Here is the link:
We will be happy to hear some comments.

Best regards
Arthur Yefimov
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