[Oberon] Oberon compiler construction videos

Артур Ефимов arturefimov at gmail.com
Sun Apr 4 00:39:11 CEST 2021

I've uploaded the third video on coding the Oberon compiler:

Here we further fiddle with the cross-platform Blackbox Component
Builder and specifically its compiler and linker to produce a
convenient console compiler for Oberon (and cross-platform of
course). The first two videos on the channel now have
manually-written English subtitles.

The console compiler actually works now (given a single module, it
traverses through all of the project's modules and produces an
executable that works). Now it's time to port it to Windows and format
error output nicely.

We are also thinking about integrating it later with VOC / Ofront+ /
CPfront (any or all), so that user could choose which compiler he
wants to use: native x86/x64 or an Oberon-C-translator + GCC.

We are going to implement a set of graphics modules for this
compiler soon. It will be possible to use those in BlackBox as well.
There are plans to produce a set of Oberon programming videos
using the compiler. The base site for that will be

Kind regards,
Arthur Yefimov
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