[Oberon] A network connection for ETHO on QEMU.

peter at easthope.ca peter at easthope.ca
Mon Mar 15 16:40:03 CET 2021

No problem running ETHO on QEMU in Debian 10.

Creation of a network connection from the ETHO guest system to the 
QEMU host is giving difficulty.

I expect to use the NetNe2000 driver.

This qemu command fails as follows.

alias etho='qemu-system-i386 \
 -drive file=/dev/KingstonCF,media=disk,format=raw \
 -vga std \
 -boot order=c \
 -netdev bridge,id=bridge0,br=br0 \
 -device ne2k_pci,netdev=bridge0 \

peter at joule:/home/peter$ etho
failed to parse default acl file `/etc/qemu/bridge.conf'
qemu-system-i386: bridge helper failed


Thanks,           ... P. L.

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