[Oberon] Oberon board, 2021

Aubrey McIntosh aubrey.mcintosh at utexas.edu
Sun Mar 28 20:45:29 CEST 2021

I have a windfall that will allow me to buy a hardware system that will
support the Oberon / FPGA environment.

I don't know the current status of board recommendation and such, and
anyway it is a moving target.  My last reasonably current status was in the
Spartan board era.

I would like to build some custom peripherals that are deeply coupled with
my software.  A representative example would be a 32-bit adder.  An even
more aggressive example would be a sha-256 stamper.  I was somewhat active
with Bitcoin long ago when a FPGA board was powerful enough for Bitcoin.

I have also previously built a board with various A/D converters, with a
view of using them in an undergraduate chemistry curriculum.

The one restriction I can think of, I want to be able to program the
hardware with homebrew and/or freeware.  Previously, I have  produced a
board that could "in circuit program" a clone of itself.  So, while not a
professional, I am able to work at a level that pleases me.

I think a group buy always makes sense.
Aubrey McIntosh, PhD
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