[Oberon] Project Oberon on current 'off-the-shelf' hardware

Paul Reed paulreed at paddedcell.com
Wed May 26 22:40:56 CEST 2021

Hi Pablo,

On 2021-05-26 21:02, Pablo Cayuela wrote:
>  I did not have the needed Pmods, I will build them...

You reminded me that my instructions for making the SD-Card and PS/2 
adapter for the original Spartan-3 board [1] were motivated/inspired by 
those who do not have instant access to such things, or who might not 
want to buy them.

The Digilent PMODs always seemed rather expensive to me, for what they 
were, although less so now and it's not intended as a criticism - as 
Chris says, their documentation is excellent (i.e. above average!). I 
think across the industry (e.g. Adafruit, Sparkfun too) these kind of 
modules have come down in price, due presumably to the "maker 
revolution" and increased competition.

I was impressed by people soldering wires directly onto old SD-cards 
(e.g. to stick them into breadboards) without completely melting them 
[2] - and as it happens I did this again recently, to turn a 
micro-SD-to-SD-card adapter into quite a decent micro-SD socket. Very 
satisfying to use up old stuff lying around. Another meaning of 
"off-the-shelf" I guess. :)


[1] See RISC-DaughterboardConstruction.pdf in S3RISCinstall.zip on 
[2] https://www.instructables.com/Cheap-DIY-SD-card-breadboard-socket/

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