[Oberon] Project Oberon on current 'off-the-shelf' hardware

Michael Schierl schierlm at gmx.de
Mon May 31 13:59:11 CEST 2021

Hello Paul,

Am 31.05.2021 um 02:49 schrieb Paul Reed:

> 2. Software route: check using a real operating system that provides raw
> SD-card access in a straightforward way (ie not Windows) that at byte
> offset 10000400 (hex) into the disk you have 8D A3 1E 9B
> (FileDir.DirMark) and at 10000800 you have xx xx 00 E7 (jump to Modules
> body of the inner core).

On Windows, I can highly recommend a freeware hex editor (now abandoned
by its author, but still available on many software sites) called Tiny
Hexer, which can view/edit/compare not only (small and large) files, but
also storage devices and process memory. Still works fine on Windows 10
if you start it as Administrator.



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