[Oberon] Clock and calendar in A2.

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You will need to ask VDF for the details. I am afraid that the real problem is that they lost the PDF.

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Dear Mr. Skulski,

Are the authors the current holders of the copyright? We may ask them if they have it, and try through for example lulu.com (for printing on demand) if VDF is not interested any more. or if the authors consider the material has exceeded its scientific half-life period and want to preserve it as part of the Oberon culture, then we may scan the materials (one possible destination is Archive.org).


On Mon, Jan 3, 2022 at 7:18 PM Skulski, Wojciech <skulski at pas.rochester.edu<mailto:skulski at pas.rochester.edu>> wrote:
Peter wrote:
>From work on Andre's tutorial pages, I'm learning
>about Gadgets in ETH Oberon. Appears there is
>some parallelism between Gadgets in ETHO and
>WM (Window Manager) in A2. ETHO and A2
>have so much capability which
>few people have exploited.


  are you aware of the book by M.Kottman, X.Qiu, and W.Schaufelberger titled "Simulation and Computer Aided Contrpl Systems Design using Object-Orientation", ISBN 3 7281 2748 5 ? The authors worked at ETHZ  Institut fuer Automatic. Dated 2000, printed by VDF, which is the ETHZ printing office. I am afraid it is out of print. I have a copy. I asked them about PDF, and they said they did not have it. But perhaps they did not try hard enough to find it.

This book uses ETH System 3 as the programming environment for simulation and control systems. It is very comprehensive and full of good examples. I do appreciate this material, though it is not my field of study.

It would be fantastic and very useful if this work could be rescued and saved for posterity.

Happy New Year!
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