[Oberon] A2 on two PCs.

peter at easthope.ca peter at easthope.ca
Fri Jan 7 20:17:21 CET 2022

When LinuxA2 starts on my desktop system these are 
the first two lines to the console.

LinuxA2 Gen. 32-bit, rev.9799
X11 Display depth = 24

It works.

When the same LinuxA2 starts on the same Debian 11 
on a Sharp Mebius PC-CB1-M1 laptop, these are the first 
five lines.

LinuxA2 Gen. 32-bit, rev.9799
X11 Display depth = 16
LinuxA2 Gen. 32-bit, rev.9799   2022/01/07  07:04
Trap 4 (Illegal instruction)
SP = B38507DC FP = B38507FC PC = 0807B8C9

This might give specs. for the machine.
Otherwise google "sharp pc-cb1-m1 specifications".

Is "X11 Display depth = 16" a critical problem?
Something else?

Thx,              ... P.L.

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