[Oberon] ETHZ Three-part Series of Interviews with Niklaus Wirth (Dec 2021)

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Fri Jan 14 07:14:23 CET 2022

El vie., 14 de enero de 2022 01:50, Chris Burrows <cfbsoftware at gmail.com>

> In December 2021 ETH recorded a series of YouTube interviews with Niklaus
> Wirth. Links are listed on the  D-INFK news channel:
> https://inf.ethz.ch/news-and-events/spotlights/infk-news-channel.html
>  "I always saw myself as an engineer" - Part 1/3
>  "Switzerland had slept through it" - Part 2/3
> "You can't invent everything perfectly from the start" - Part 3/3
> You can configure YouTube to display subtitles in English if necessary.

I've really enjoy this interviews, with many minor details of the life of
Prof Niklaus Wirth, and expressing his opinion on several technical
Really good.
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