[Oberon] Seeking ETHZ contact to find out licensing Oberon sources

thutt at harp-project.com thutt at harp-project.com
Thu Jan 27 04:13:33 CET 2022

Treutwein Bernhard writes:
 >    as far as I know ETHZ sources went all to a BSD licensing Model.
 >    @felix: correct?

It would be great to confirm this.  Are there any ETHZ distributions
or source code annotated with a reference to BSD?

 >    and also: Welcome back.


It's been a while.  It's good to be back working on a nice sane

How's everyone been?


(PS: I may be having email DMARC compliance issues.  If you know of
     anyone who is not seeing my messages, please let me know
     (unless they don't want to see my messages).)

When you're feeling down and low
when you've got no place to go
and when no one smiles "hello"
he's by your side, you know
              -- Your Light (Scorpions)

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