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> I am not sure how all this is related to the V5 system configuration.

A comparison of _Caenorhabditis_elegans_ and FPGA is less abstract. 

The male has 385 neurons. The hermaphrodite, 302 neurons.  Each neuron 
has multiple communicating neurites.  Wiring diagrams here.  

Whereas the Lattice ECP5 LFE5UM-85 has an 85 k LUT.

C. elegans has behaviours including chemotaxis, thermotaxis, 
mechanotransduction, learning, memory and reproduction.

How can an organism with fewer than 400 neurons have so much 
functionality?  Neurons are only part of the logic.  There is also 
logic at the molecular level.  Approximately 10^8 base pairs 
comprising approximately 20,470 protein coding genes.

Modeling of C. elegans in software is an active field.

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