[Oberon] How to decide what will exactly be linked with oberon linker?

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Mon Feb 7 13:10:40 CET 2022

Linking object files is done in A2 with the command:

Linker.Link -p=Linux64 --path=obj/ --fileName=a2 
                Builtins Trace Glue Unix Machine Heaps Modules Objects 
                Strings KernelLog Streams Commands Pipes StdIO TrapWriters 
Reflection Traps Files UnixFiles Clock Dates

                Reals Diagnostics BitSets StringPool ObjectFile 
GenericLinker Loader BootConsole ~

What are the names on three lines after linker parameters? 

I understand they cannot be object names so it must be names of some groups 
of compiled modules. 

But where are these groups defined?

How do I know what groups are needed to have a fully working a2 linux 
executable for example as in my case?


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