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> I also recommend "The Oberon Companion" by Andre Fischer and Hannes Marais
> ISBN 3-7281-2493-1
> vdf Hochschulverlag AG  ETH Z??rich

Thanks Dieter.  At the top of each tutorial page is a green box

containing the sentence "Content is also available on paper."
Currently abebooks.com lists 0 copies available.  That can change any
time. Obtaining the paper form is a matter of patience.

just for clarification: André Fischers Tutorial is a precursor of the Oberon Companion by Fischer and Marais.
The Companion is available in Oberon *.Text format in most versions of S3/ETH-Oberon and it is allowed to print one copy for personal use. Instructions how this maybe achieved are in the last paragraph of the Getting Started section [...]

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