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From:	"Skulski, Wojciech" <skulski at pas.rochester.edu>
Date:	Sun, 23 Oct 2022 04:04:36 +0000
> But I am now facing three thousand lines of my Oberon-2 library.

Roughly 50 pages.  Someone moderately skilled in the language might 
spend a few hours revising a page?  Pessimistically say four 
hours/page?  For 50 pages, roughly 200 hours or a month.  
Understandable that you can't spare that time without significant 
neglect of existing responsibilities.  =8~/

The world has millions of young whippersnapper programmers well 
skilled to make such revisions but lacking direction.  With a bit of 
incentive, the challenge to revise a procedure or module would 
intrigue some.  =8~)  Offer a bounty.  Thirty  dollars per module for 
example.  It's a token.  The real incentive is the challenge to 
collect it.

A similar concept was famously successful for Donald Knuth.

Obviously, rules are necessary.  
* Verifiable identification of respondent. 
* Code compiles in the target system without error. 
* Test commands execute without error. 
* Revision accepted by judges? 
* Secure means to pay bounty.  PayPal?  WorldRemit?

Wiki software could help with administration.

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