[Oberon] http://cas.inf.ethz.ch/projects/a2

Michael Schierl schierlm at gmx.de
Thu Nov 3 23:39:14 CET 2022

Hello Felix,

Am 03.11.2022 um 23:12 schrieb Felix Friedrich:

> The (physical) server machine for cas.inf.ethz.ch (running redmine)
> has been disconnected and I need to implement a replacement, most
> likely it will be based on a gitlab instance. Will be done soon.

Thank for the feedback. So I assume that the issues in Redmine (e.g.
<http://cas.inf.ethz.ch/issues/115>) are lost forever?

> The SVN server machine is unaffected. But we might need to switch to git
> as well.

I'd appreciate the switch to git, as I am only using a handful SVN
repositories and most of them have plans to move to git as well. For
folks who prefer SVN clients, you could install
<https://github.com/git-as-svn/git-as-svn> on the server. Still, it
would mean that the repository metadata will differ, so "svn relocate"
will not work and users will have to do a fresh checkout.

Probably bigger issue is how to efficiently convert svn history to git
while still keeping interesting history of sources directory but
stripping boring history of binary directories.

A few months (years?) ago I tried to "svnrdump" the repository but the
server/network was just too slow for it to finish in reasonable time. So
in case you cannot preserve the history, I'd appreciate if you make a
repository dump of the final SVN repository available, so those who are
interested can use the "git replace" feature to graft their own history.



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