[Oberon] Official ETH Git repo

Felix Friedrich felix.friedrich at inf.ethz.ch
Thu Dec 15 10:04:18 CET 2022

Hello Michael

I assume that you have logged in via Github or Google and probably also 
then set a password for your account. From then on, you can access your 
account via email and password -- as it seems only within a limited 
time.  The access via Github or Google account should work without time 
limitation. I believe that you can open issues when logged in via Github 
or Google.

If you want to contribute (e.g. in terms of merge requests), you should 
ask for developer access. There is a link next to the project ID on the 
main page cas.inf.ethz.ch (redirected to 
https://gitlab.inf.ethz.ch/felixf/oberon ) when you are logged in.

Kind regards

> Hello,
> Am 11.12.2022 um 14:18 schrieb Liam Proven:
>> https://gitlab.inf.ethz.ch/felixf/oberon
> Are we supposed to create accounts there to interact with the (imported)
> issues?
> I created an account on Monday (which seemed to work fine), but got an
> email today that my account will be deleted next week as my email
> address is not affiliated to the ETHZ.
> Regards,
> Michael

Dr. Felix Friedrich, Senior Scientist, Study Coordinator D-INFK
Department of Computer Science
ETH Zurich, UNG F 14
Universitätsstr. 19
8092 Zurich, Switzerland
tel.: +41 44 632 8312
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