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A remark to „UID16252-1329772258“

I did not mention all details of IMAP.
Read RFC9051, if you are interested in all details.
The protocol forsees TWO unsigned numbers: UID and UIDVALIDITY.
As mentioned previously UID can be seen as unique sequence number of the message, and UIDVALIDITY typically is the date/time when the mailbox was created.

These two numbers together build a unique identifier so the client and the server can be kept in sync and uniquely identify a message.


> Am 19.12.2022 um 00:20 schrieb peter at easthope.ca:
> Jörg,
>> UID is a unique identifier to uniquely identify a message in a mailbox folder.
>> In POP3, it‘s an arbitrary string with max 70 chars
>> In IMAP, it‘s a 32bit number (converted to string)
>> You could write an email server for both protocols using the same UID 
>> coding, ...
> Good.  Thanks.  
> My objective is add a hint in the wikibook.  Google and Wikipedia 
> haven't found a good reference yet.  I might try to write something
> based upon your message.
> ETH O. and A2 O. have a file with name such as 
> UIDL. at easthope.ca. Content here is this in one line.
> UID16252-1329772258€UID77894-1329772258€UID98661-1329772258€
> Three strings of 16 characters separated by the 0X character.  0X might 
> display as an empty rectangle in a mail reader.  
> Meanwhile, three messages exceed the size limit configured in Oberon 
> Mail and wait on the server until the size limit accomodates or the 
> server is accessed by another means such as Web mail.
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