[Oberon] Re (2): Email UID.

peter at easthope.ca peter at easthope.ca
Mon Dec 19 00:20:13 CET 2022


> UID is a unique identifier to uniquely identify a message in a mailbox folder.
> In POP3, it‘s an arbitrary string with max 70 chars
> In IMAP, it‘s a 32bit number (converted to string)
> You could write an email server for both protocols using the same UID 
> coding, ...

Good.  Thanks.  

My objective is add a hint in the wikibook.  Google and Wikipedia 
haven't found a good reference yet.  I might try to write something
based upon your message.

ETH O. and A2 O. have a file with name such as 
UIDL. at easthope.ca. Content here is this in one line.

UID16252-1329772258 UID77894-1329772258 UID98661-1329772258 
Three strings of 16 characters separated by the 0X character.  0X might 
display as an empty rectangle in a mail reader.  

Meanwhile, three messages exceed the size limit configured in Oberon 
Mail and wait on the server until the size limit accomodates or the 
server is accessed by another means such as Web mail.

Thx.,                                ... P.L.

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