[Oberon] Oberon subsystem of LinuxA2 Gen. 32-bit, rev.9799.

Michael Schierl schierlm at gmx.de
Sun Feb 12 13:40:46 CET 2023

Hello P.L.,

Am 12.02.2023 um 01:21 schrieb peter at easthope.ca:

> On a 32 bit machine with 32 bit system, stunnel allows Mail to receive
> mail. With stunnel in this 64 bit system, Mail immediately reports
> "timed out".  The console, where A2 was started, reports
> Sockets.Connect: : Connection refused
> connect failed
> A 32/64 compatibility problem?  Install another package for
> compatibility? Other ideas?

I assume that stunnel is installed on the same machine as A2 is running?

My guess would be that it has nothing to do with 32 vs. 64 bits, but is
caused by some network configuration or name resolution issues.

Therefore, I'd proceed with normal troubleshooting of localhost connections:

1) Verify with "netstat" that stunnel is indeed listening on the correct
port and note the interfaces and IP addresses it is listening on.

2) Try telnet or similar to check whether the port indeed accepts
incoming connections or if some source IP whitelist or firewall rule
blocks it.

3) In case you are connecting using a hostname like "localhost", verify
that this hostname indeed resolves to an IP address where stunnel is
listening. In case it resolves to multiple addresses (e.g. one IPv4 and
one IPv6) verify that stunnel is listening on each of them. Depending on
the DNS resolver API used by A2, client programs like A2 may only
receive one random name resoluation instead of all of them. When in
doubt, use an IP address instead of the hostname. Note that in many
environments, IPv6 IP addressess need to be entered in square brackets
like "[::1]", but in other contexts they may not like "::1".

4) In case your previous investigation showed that an IPv6 address was
used, reconfigure your system so that an IPv4 address is used instead.
In theory, it should not matter, but with "niche" software like A2, I'd
always try to use the codepath that has been used (and therefore tested)
more often.

Hope this helps,


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