[Oberon] Ubuntu 22.04 --> wine --> CPC

Bernhard Treutwein bernhard at wildwein.de
Mon Feb 20 13:18:59 CET 2023

Hi Aubrey,

my envireonment ist slightly different, EndlessOS (a Debian derivate 
with immutable root filesystem) with a flatpacked Wine 8.0.

I start BlackBox from the command line with the appended script (and 
/USE . to allow writing only to my current directory). Additionally I 
use mergerfs to have a pristine read only BlackBox installation 
directory and layered on top of that an additional directory with all 
tools I want/need to be available for ease of development.

 > 3. *Oops*.  I checked that I could copy attributes by holding down MM 
in a selection, and dragging the mouse to text with the desired 
attributes and then releasing MM.  This works as I remember from the 
past when working in the same window, but it does not work across CPC 
windows.  By comparison, this does not work in the Denisov distribution 
as I have it configured.

In this environment drag and pick (MM in a selection to pick the 
attributes from another piece of text) works although it need a bit of 
patience. I remember vaguely that it did not work with every 
installation of Wine, but using Alt-LM instead of MM worked always. It 
works across Windows in the same instance of BlackBox/Wine, but it did 
not work across two instances of BlackBox/Wine running in parallel (and 
much worse: it crashed/ended  the other instance with all open file 
lost, when the one instance ended).

 > 4. *Oops*.  Text cut and paste does not work.  Surely this is a 
problem somewhere in the complexity of Ubuntu & wine.  If anyone has 
seen this issue, I'd like to know how it turned out.  Hint, I can copy 
text outside the CPC environment & paste it inside the environment.

same behavior here, but I remember vaguely that clipboard behavior ist 
somewhere configurable in winecfg.

   Bernhard Treutwein

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if [[ ! -e /sysroot/home/bernhard/BlackBox/BlackBox.exe ]] ; then
flatpak run org.winehq.Wine /sysroot/home/bernhard/BlackBox/BlackBox.exe $*

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