[Oberon] Ubuntu 22.04 --> wine --> CPC

Aubrey McIntosh aubrey.mcintosh at utexas.edu
Sun Feb 19 20:57:04 CET 2023

This weekend I upgraded my Ubuntu environment to 22.04, installed wine, and
downloaded CPC from http://zinnamturm.eu/downloads.htm

1.  I have put the CPC directory tree at /usr/lib/bin/CPC.  Where is a
better place to put it?
2.  I have made ~/.config/autostart/CPC.desktop, attached.  It has a /USE
command line parameter, so that the distribution directory tree remains
pristine.  This seems pretty unremarkable, but if you spot anything
strange, please mention it.
3.  *Oops*.  I checked that I could copy attributes by holding down MM in a
selection, and dragging the mouse to text with the desired attributes and
then releasing MM.  This works as I remember from the past when working in
the same window, but it does not work across CPC windows.  By comparison,
this does not work in the Denisov distribution as I have it configured.
4.  *Oops*.  Text cut and paste does not work.  Surely this is a problem
somewhere in the complexity of Ubuntu & wine.  If anyone has seen this
issue, I'd like to know how it turned out.  Hint, I can copy text outside
the CPC environment & paste it inside the environment.

Aubrey McIntosh, PhD
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