[Oberon] Tool Form in document

Aubrey McIntosh aubrey.mcintosh at utexas.edu
Thu Mar 2 08:35:39 CET 2023

I have updated my environment.  I am now in Ubuntu 20.04, bbcb branch
master, gitID 2e6fb20f (HEAD)
Things now work as you describe.  Thanks.

I did a first install of Arch-linux into a VirtualBox.  I like the lean
posture that Arch-linux takes, I think it fits in with the Oberon people
quite well.  There are a few hiccups, and I am studying.

I developed my own script to populate a copy of the dev/deb environment,
and I made a few changes to it.  In particular, it installs bbcb into
and it uses a postinst script to produce a link.  I have 2 .desktop files,
one has a soft link in /usr/local/share/applications/, and the other is
placed into $HOME/.config/autostart.

Is this the sort of thing that should be discussed in the forum?  I think
it might be something to include in the git.

On Fri, Feb 24, 2023 at 6:16 PM Ivan Denisov <d.ivan.krsk at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Aubrey,
> If I understood you correctly, all you need is to select the form, which
> you inserted into document, and then choose "Mask mode" in Dev menu.
> Kind regards,
> Ivan
> 24.02.2023 20:20, Aubrey McIntosh пишет:
> I am writing some documentation, and I wanted to put the Form into the
> document.  I wanted it to work as it would in a Tool viewer, and act on the
> focus View.
> I read enough to get down into StdApi, and wrote a small app to edit
> Containers.GetOpts.  I even made a local modification and introduced
> StdCmds.SetToolMode
> It is dawn, and I have no success.  I can open the document in a Tool
> viewer, but I want the Form view to act as a tool as soon as the document
> is opened.
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> Aubrey McIntosh, PhD
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Aubrey McIntosh, PhD
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