[Oberon] FOR loop variable

Ala'a Mohammad amalawi at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 21:33:29 CET 2023


I'm a beginner in Oberon-2 who had recently picked it up (learning it
through practice). and really love the simplicity of the language.

I need help to understand the need to declare FOR loop stepping's variable.
(i.e x in FOR x := .....). I do not intend to change the language, but The
question arises since this variable always (in my short exposure to
Oberon-2) is scoped within the FOR loop body. And was trying to answer the
Is it good design to have FOR implicitly declare its variable (It is not a
big issue to declare VARiables), or Is it from the point of uniformity to
have all variables declared with VAR?

forgive any ignorance on my part

Thanks for your time.


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