[Oberon] Re (2): A2 multi-desktop switching vs. Oberon subsystem.

Michael Schierl schierlm at gmx.de
Mon Aug 7 22:25:27 CEST 2023


Am 07.08.2023 um 17:09 schrieb peter at easthope.ca:
> Michael & all,
> From:	Michael Schierl <schierlm at gmx.de>
> Date:	Mon, 31 Jul 2023 22:19:02 +0200
>> In latest gitlab version, you can either disable global hotkeys
>> completely by pressing the F12 key, ...
> F12 left no * marker from Oberon F1 and Hotkeys.Show reported 0 hotkeys.

Just in case it was unclear, first disable hotkeys by pressing F12 and
then press F1 to add a * marker...

>> ... or you can edit Hotkeys.xml ...
> Specifying the Oberon function key behaviour in Hotkeys.xml might be
> appropriate.  I haven't found how it is done.

My Hotkeys.XML contains this:

	<!-- Example: Virtual desktop -->
	<HotKey name="Desktop 1" keys="F1"
command="WMOSD.Close;WMNavigate.SetViewportRange -d -1 -1 1 1;WMOSD.Open
'Desktop 1'"/>
	<HotKey name="Desktop 1 (WinAos)" keys="META+F1"
command="WMOSD.Close;WMNavigate.SetViewportRange -d -1 -1 1 1;WMOSD.Open
'Desktop 1'"/>
	<HotKey name="Desktop 2" keys="F2"
command="WMOSD.Close;WMNavigate.SetViewportRange -d 0 -1 1 1;WMOSD.Open
'Desktop 2'"/>
	<HotKey name="Desktop 3" keys="F3"
command="WMOSD.Close;WMNavigate.SetViewportRange -d -1 0 1 1;WMOSD.Open
'Desktop 3'"/>
	<HotKey name="Desktop 4" keys="F4"
command="WMOSD.Close;WMNavigate.SetViewportRange -d 0 0 1 1;WMOSD.Open
'Desktop 4'"/>
	<HotKey name="Desktops Overview" keys="F5"
command="WMOSD.Close;WMNavigate.SetViewportRange -d -1 -1 2 2;WMOSD.Open
'Desktops Overview'"/>

Commenting or removing the first HotKey makes F1 no longer switch to the
first desktop. Meta+F1 still switches to the first desktop.

> In Configuration.XML, commenting out "Hotkey support" gave Oberon
> functionality.
> <!-- Setting name="Hotkey support" value="HotKeys.Open"/-->

That's the sledgehammer method and works too, of course :)

> Appears that Oberon function key behaviour is the initial default and
> Hotkeys with empty Hotkeys.xml obliterates that.  So my simple
> solution is to disable Hotkeys and a more elaborate solution is to
> define Oberon hotkeys.
Hotkeys behave like this:

If a pressed key is defined as a hotkey, the hotkey command is executed.
If it is not (is it a coldkey then?), it is passed to the focused window
(which is the Oberon window in your case) to be handled. So, not having
F1 being defined as a hotkey is what you actually want for Oberon being
able to create a * marker for you.



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