[Oberon] Startup configuration of git-based A2.

peter at easthope.ca peter at easthope.ca
Wed Nov 29 18:03:55 CET 2023

>From Soren Renner soren.renner at gmail.com, Sat Nov 25 21:39:06 CET 2023
> i would also like to know about this [personal configuration of A2]

These are the best ideas I have.

(1) Keep a copy of the distributed Configuration.XML.  Eg.
cd <somewhere>/A2GitArchive/data
cp Configuration.XML Configuration.XML.9799

9799 is the revision number.  

Then Configuration.XML can be edited to taste and backed up in the working 

Sooner or later, git many update Configuration.XML.   In the past, some 
revisions of Configuration.XML have been essential for A2 to run.
Compare a revised Configuration.XML with your customized version.  
Eg. in Oberon,
Diff.Do <somewhere>/A2GitArchive/data/Configuration.XML Configuration.XML

(2) A2 has System.DoFile() analogous to ET.Do in ETH Oberon.  Your 
working directory can have file myStartupCommands and the Autostart 
section of Configuration.XML can have this line.
<Setting name="My startup commands" value="System.DoFile '<myWorkingDirectory/myStartupCommands' "/>

That adds only one line to Configuration.XML.

(3) Earlier I mentioned .../data/Configuration.XML being a link to 
<myWorkingDirectory>/Configuration.XML.  Workable.  It's a question of 
preference or taste.

Better ideas is always welcome.

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