[Oberon] Startup configuration of git-based A2.

peter at easthope.ca peter at easthope.ca
Sat Nov 25 02:37:53 CET 2023


For Guenter's A2, I kept customized Configuration.XML and Oberon.Text 
files in my working directory.

Today I have the git-based A2 working in Debian 12.  Configurations 
are GitDirectory/data/Configuration.XML and 
GitDirectory/data/Oberon.Text. Configuration files in my working 
directory are not effective.

That allows revision of configuration via git but I wonder about 
incorporation of my customizations.  data/Configuration.XML and 
data/Oberon.Text might become links to my customized versions although 
that will complicate updates from git.


Thanks,                                    ... P.L.

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