[SCION] Some Questions for diploma Thesis (SCIONLab)

mauro.casanova at canet.ch mauro.casanova at canet.ch
Thu Apr 23 09:52:53 CEST 2020

Hi all


I plan to set up a SCIONLab infrastructure as part of my thesis for HF
graduation. The aim is to estimate the effort and feasibility for an SME

After some first experience, I still have some questions for the
realization. On this Link
<https://1drv.ms/b/s!AkcX1uSBJ03I2gt7VUulVlVpS_iG?e=EgmpTo>  you can found
an small architecture overview. I will use the SCIONLab infrastructure to
build this up.


My Questions:

*	Is it possible to run the scion control service on a VM an the
border router service on a separated device? So what is necessary to run
just an border router?


*	Can I as a SCIONLab User already use the path-awareness and
multipath features, So can I write my own path- and traffic policies? (The
goal is to create some policies like in the presentation on SCION day from
Samuel Hitz) If yes, where can I do this?


*	The same Question I have for the peering link feature. Is this for
an SCIONLab user also available?



And something else. After the update of SCIONlab my test AS run well (all
necessary service are up, SCMP messages are ok), but also after a new
installation the SCION Apps / Webapps are just running with failure. Is this
an knowing issue, or have I install the wrong apps?


I will be very grateful for some answers. Special to know if this test
deployment is possible.


Thanks for your effort.


Best Regards


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