[SCION] [SCIONLab] Package installing is not working properly

Hyok An (안혁) anhyok at korea.ac.kr
Wed May 6 08:38:18 CEST 2020

Dear SCIONLab,

I have installed SCION AS with the document 'Installing packages' on Ubuntu
16.04 after the last update.
 : https://docs.scionlab.org/content/install/pkg.html
However, it is not working properly.

The health check of the webapp showed some failed results.
: <image1.png>

As you can see, it is not working.
The message 'VPN is not configured for this AS' seems a hint in my guess.
Because I already checked the option 'Use VPN' on the User AS page of
SCIONLab as below.
: <image2.png>

Do you have anything to do with this for me?
(I have checked using vagrant and it is working.)

Best regards,

Hyok An
M.S./Ph.D Integrated Course Student
Computer & Communication Security Lab
Korea University

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