Re (3): [Oberon] Bluebottle and qemu

fischer at fischer at
Fri Oct 29 11:12:30 CEST 2004

> A question to ETH: Do you expect any trouble if I install a BB on ID1 slave (/dev/hdd)
> and later in qemu the disk is mounted as IDE0 master ?

Wherever BB is installed, Partitions.Format creates a partition boot record with
a BPB, BIOS Parameter Block, looking like this (use Partitions.ShowBlocks par#dev 0 1)
  00000000 EB 29 90 4F 42 45 52 4F 4E 00 00 00 02 02 08 00 .).OBERON....... 
  00000010 04 E0 00 00 00 F0 09 00 3F 00 40 00 40 23 03 00 ........?. at .@#.. 
  00000020 C0 90 0F 00 80 00 00 03 00 00 00 FA EA 31 00 C0 .............1.. 
Byte at offset 24H is the boot drive identifier which will be
	80H when installed on a HD and
	00H on a FD.

Booting BB from the second HD is only possible: 	o	using a BB boot diskette with config data specifying
			BootVol1="AOS AosFS IDE1#xy"
		By far the easiest solution, but there exist less and less machines
		equiped with FDD. No patching required.

 	o	using a boot manager supporting chaining (e.g. LILO) 
	o	using a BIOS supporting that 

It may be necessary to patch the drive identifier to 81H in the boot sector.

You might give some thought to this, which depart from the IDE track:
	Bluebottle can be installed on a USB Flash Disk (stick), which is handy.
	128MB is plenty and cheap.
	If the BIOS allows booting from USB-HDD, then you gain a lot of flexibility.
	You'll find details in my AosSetup.Text in the latest Crazy-Fresh release. 
	I cannot judge how that fits with Linux or qemu.

I'll be happy to answer further questions on the subject.

Regards, Andre Fischer

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