[Oberon] Re. Linux-ETH-Oberon VNCclient to drive Linux-CLI-apps. = viable !

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun Dec 21 15:04:21 MET 2008

I finally have the Linux-ETH-Oberon [LEO] vncClient running 
linux applications on the same box.

The main intention, of being able to paste textStrings between 
the linux application and a LEO menu is viable - with practice.

======= log of tests:--
Desktops.OpenDoc  "" (VNCViewerDocs.NewDoc) ~
 == same old 'self view'
Desktops.OpenDoc  "" (VNCViewerDocs.NewDoc) ~
 == New 'view' = unfamiliar linux-like-panel
System.Grow it & keyin 'pwd <cr>'
== see : /root [which I can copyNpaste to LEO] !!
Now test copyNpaste 'from' LEO.

=== copyNpaste from VNCclientFrame to LEO other frames
is erratic & confusing - initially !!
..etc .... too much ..!!
NB. it's strange, initially to be seeing a linux frame [in the UserTrack]
and have to use NO key reflexes to paste.

!! ps2ascii <*.pdf> scrolls in LEO's vncClientFrame.
gs  <*.pdf> shows the rendered *.pdf with colour images;
which can perhaps be cut/extracted with some NO tool:
Rembrandt ...etc ?
Previously I had to use linux > snapshot/frameGrabber
& import the *png to LEO. Altho' LEO has snapshot, it 
crashes my present setup.

emacs runs in LEO's vncClientFrame !!

As previously stated, the intention is to be able to
leverage ETH-Oberon's nice HCI for dumb CLI linux
applications. In particular, to input to linux from
an own designed/evolved menu & capture [suitably
coloured] the output for quik-learning purposes.

== Chris Glur.

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