[Oberon] A Linker.Mod for an almost self-hosted RISC Oberon

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Wed Jun 4 01:32:08 CEST 2014

| Meanwhile Linker.Mod (in oberon-risc-ethz) allows OberonV5 (2013) for
| RISC to compile its own boot track from source code to a binary file,
| making the system almost self-hosted. An additional tool (such as 'dd'
| on the host) is required to install the boot track.
I'm particularly interested in booters.
Why does even rPi tie itself to DOS: <Intrp N = reads sector X to mem:M
and executes it> ?
Is eg. Mac & Android locked to this standard too?

Why do you call it "Linker.Mod"?

If it is a booter, it must 'match its native-hardware'.
So if it's for a PC, the REAL native-hardware is the X86's reset-prog-counter,
to run the ROM-BIOS, which reads the first track/sector of the boot-hardware:
fd0, USBstik, CD...etc.

Recently I had unneccesary difficulty in connecting to inet via a 3Gdongle,
because everybody uses the template: DoA, DoB...DoN, instead of the correct
info: based on the physical reality.
1. only after it's confirmed that the PC has detected the USBdongle...
2. only after it's confirmed that the PC has switched the dongle out of CD-mode
3. only after it's confirmed that the USBmodem is being addressed...

A booter for OberonV5 for RISC for an emulator is like,
a photo, of the mirror-image of Shroediger's cat.
Or is it the mirror-image of the photo?

The theory behind it, and not the code, plus pushA, pushB.. ; is interesting,
and needs more explanation.

== Chris Glur.

On 6/3/14, Charles Perkins <chuck at kuracali.com> wrote:
> I have adapted Modules.Mod in the V5 RISC Oberon to make a separate Linker
> module which may be used to create a new boot track binary file from within
> the emulated RISC machine.
> The separate module duplicates code, of course. It would be better to
> enhance Modules.Mod with the ability to create the boot track. Perhaps I
> will do that later if someone else doesn't do it first.
> Source code and instructions can be found at:
> https://github.com/charlesap/io/
> I hope it is useful for someone besides myself!
> Chuck
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