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> Re. Astrobe - LPC1769 Microcontrollers:
>  I failed to find [via http] the comparative power consumption.

It depends directly on which functions you are using and what speed you are
running at. Astrobe Oberon / LPC17xx allows you to have very fine control
over the power consumption of the targeted system on a chip (SOC). You can
individually power on/off the on-chip peripheral devices, control clock
speeds and switch into various power-conserving sleep modes. The following
article on the mbed (an LPC1768 device) website gives a good overview:

"mbed Power Control/Consumption"


Alternatively you can refer to Chapter 10 'Static Characteristics' etc. of
the LPC1769/68/67/66/65/64/63 Product DataSheet:


> IMO rPi IS a remarkable substitute-PC; but the extra layers make it
> for  eg. controller applications.
> Would Astrobe-Oberon7 also be subject to random delays due to GC?

Not at all. Astrobe-Oberon-07 neither has nor needs a garbage collector.
Astrobe's purpose is to create OS-free, single, dedicated, Oberon-language
applications for real-time embedded controller systems. Hence, memory
management is not an issue.


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