[Oberon] Oberon V4 on FPGA

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Sat Oct 4 12:40:39 CEST 2014

Yes, I launched V4 again yesterday, seeking a googleKeyWords re. the MenuFrame
reverseVideo problem. V4 is nice. When I previously used it, I wasn't
even aware that
the syntax was different from S3's. Although I only patched one-or-two
of the *.Mod

Since you mention 1:fast interrupts and 2:V4, I guess you want 1:a
controller and
2:a development environment that YOU are familiar with.

For these 2 requirement, I'd go for <Astrobe> even tho' it's
Win-based, which I hate.

== Chris Glur.

On 10/3/14, Paul Reed <paulreed at paddedcell.com> wrote:
> Dear Wojtek,
>>   any plans to support Oberon-2 compiler in your private project? This
>> would pave the way to port Oberon System V4 to the FPGA. I think that
>> System-3 can already be ported, but V4 cannot because it needs Oberon-2.
> If you want to port Oberon System V4 to "the" FPGA, why not just start
> with Oberon System V4?
> (I believe it is available on SourceForge, thanks to the generous efforts
> of others.)
> I believe Pieter Muller once told me that many of the more complex
> (post-book) Oberon systems really only need POINTER TO ARRAY, rather than
> full Oberon-2.
> Hope that helps,
> Paul
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