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  I think it makes sense to go step by step. I think that color needs 2 megs at least. I would like to order another Pepino with 2MB, though there is no entry for such an upgrade on the Saanlima page. I also want the largest FPGA that fits the footprint, just in case. Again, there is no option grid on the Pepino page. 

I am hesitating whether I should put any more time into my own board with two megs ZBT RAM, or perhaps Magnus can take over this particular route. A 2 meg chip will run with 200 MHz clock and 100 MHz R/W cycle, which is factor four better than the present Pepino design. I think that having such a Pepino++ would put us on a solid path towards 8-bit color.

The schematic page is attached. Magnus, what do you think?


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Hi Joerg, Wojtek, Magnus, All,

Thanks for all your posts and recommendations.
- 2MB of RAM, something I plan by chip piggy back, while driving upper
  meg with CS, from `Verilog' code.
- overclock to 30MHz

As I have got `Pepino' board with 1MB, and 25Mhz, this can make an
interesting exercise for students.

What I need to solve however first, is how to map b&w screen
in memory completely separate from colour bit planes. This would allow
using `Display.Mod' unchanged while programming colour logic.

In other words, one bit in memory tells if the display pixel is
illuminated or not, the other bit planes, tell if there are also some
colours to add to it.

In the two designs I have got so far, several bits in memory control RGB
of a single display pixel, this results in seeing entire display buffer
duplicated several times on the monitor.

Tomas Kral <thomas.kral at email.cz>
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