[Oberon] Translating ETHOberon 2.5 to C

chris chris at gcjd.org
Mon Nov 20 13:24:58 CET 2017

On Mon, 20 Nov 2017 12:16:01 +0100, Dieter wrote:
> I have developed a program in ETHOberon 2.5 which translates MusicXML 
> code, generated by other musical notation programs, to PMX-Input. It 
> is called "XML2PMX"
> and is also to be found on the above WEB page.
> With Oberon 2.5 I can produce a Windows-Exe for distribution. And 
> with the aid of OLR, I can equally create a Linux Binary.

Can we see the source of your app? How difficult this is depends on the 
use of Oberon modules and language features. As far as I understand you 
want to generate a command line program for Linux or Windows without 
the Oberon OS. If there is only some file IO this is easy. If there is 
some user interface related modules used it can be very hard.

Greetings, chris

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