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Thu May 30 15:17:32 CEST 2019

On 5/30/19 4:44 AM, Michael Schierl wrote:
 > Would be a shame for the history of this interesting piece of software
 > to be lost forever.

Software Heritage <https://softwareheritage.org> is a new-ish group
that's working on this sort of thing.

Their work is still in the early phases, but they've got a service
running with a developer API that you can write your own client against.
One thing you *can* do, is if you have a copy of the source code repo
(or even just a partial snapshot), you can pull out a file that seems
like it would be reasonably unique to that project, find the SHA-1, and
then check the hash through the Software Heritage homepage.

For example, the contents of A2OS/tools/builds/install.txt should be
fairly unique.  Its SHA-1 is d9079c001447813b1eef04a7b2ec5f8547bae16b.
And the Software Heritage service reports that they have a copy.
Unfortunately, it looks like right now that it's not possible to follow
it back to the repo that the file originally came from, but it might be
possible using the developer API.

Colby Russell

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