[Oberon] FPGA RISC byte access

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  thank you!

RISC5, being a chip, would benefit from a data sheet. We worked for quite a while on interfacing RISC5 to the ZBT memory. This task would have been much easier if we knew the signal waveforms. I mean, what is the time relation between the strobes, addresses, and data, plotted against the clock. I know that setup and hold times will depend on the FPGA technology, so these may be hard to specify. But the basic time structure is determined by the RISC5 design. All chip vendors provide this kind of information for all their products.

The fact that even the polarities were not mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg. It is difficult to interface RISC5 with other components without knowing when the CPU is issuing the signals. Writing firmware without having this information is unnecessarily tough indeed. 

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assign ben = p & ~q & v & ~stallX & ~stallL1;  // byte enable

If you look at above statement, this boils down to "ben = v".
But "byte enable" is only valid for memory instructions (format F2: p=1,
q=0) and the memory is not used by video (=stallX) and is in the correct
cycle of LDR/STR (stallL1)


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