[Barrelfish-users] domain spanning broken due to error message change

Chothia Zaheer zchothia at student.ethz.ch
Sat Feb 16 11:49:56 CET 2013


I made an innocuous alteration to the NFS error messages and now domain spanning
doesn't work (see attached diff):

  fish> /x86_64/sbin/examples/xmpl-span 1
  spawnd.0: spawning /x86_64/sbin/examples/xmpl-span on core 0
  xmpl-span.0: spanning on 1 cores
  Spanning domain to core 1
  kernel 1: monitor terminated; expect badness!
  assertion "!lmp_err_is_transient(err)" failed: file "../lib/barrelfish/monitor_client.c", line 157, function: monitor_client_lmp_bind

[Note: Kornilios pushed this change to the netos tree on my behalf (8459ec0a8136).]



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