[Barrelfish-users] Question about Barrelfish server and client communication setup

Xiaowen Wang xiaowenw at kth.se
Sat Feb 16 20:39:22 CET 2013

Hi, all,

We are porting Barrelfish onto TilePro64 architecture. Now we plan to use TilePro's UDN network to replace barrelfish's UMP to implement inter-core communication. I notice that in Barrelfish's generic model, the server first exports a service, and then the client binds that service to initialize itself. And then the client will return something to the server, and then the server initialize its part.

As far as I know, the function ump_chan_bind() is to initialize the client, and ump_chan_accept() is to initialize the server.

My question is:
is it possible to pass some values from client to server, and then the server replies some values to the client, and which functions or handlers is for this purpose?

For our demultiplexing, we have different channels per core and need to know to which channel_id  to send a message to. So we need to send the client's channel_id to the server while binding and the server needs to send back its channel_id to the client on the bind_reply.

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