[Barrelfish-users] unable to run postmark on barrelfish

Pravin pravin at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Feb 27 23:44:02 CET 2013

Hi Xin,

I am sorry for such a late reply :-( I was on vacation and got caught
up in some other things once I was back.  Hence the delays in replying

Let me know if you managed to progress with the issue you were facing,
or if you are still stuck.  I would surely like to help you if you are
still facing any issues on networking front on Barrelfish.

As per my understanding, the code in current tip of Barrelfish should
be able to work with NFS.  Most probably, you have already done quite
a few debugging, but here are few things I would try if I were you:

 * Can I ping the Barrelfish machine (using the IP given by DHCP server)
 * Can I quickly test the NFS code by running a webserver and see if I
can load files over NFS? (webserver is one of the most extensively
tested code in Barrelfish, and hence also a good indicator of where
things are broken)
 * If webserver is working for you then, there might be something
Postmark benchmark specific.  Then I would dig more into what is the
last thing LWIP code is doing (by enabling debugging statements from
the ``hake/Config.hs`` file)

I hope this helps!


On Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 5:42 AM, Xin lalala Xu
<vampiremartin at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Pravin,
> I'm a undergrad student of Simon at University of Washington. I tried to run
> Postmark on barrelfish(and I did follow the steps in README_NETWORKING
> file). However, it stopped after lwip_init_auto got called (from
> vfs_nfs_mount() which is called from vfs_mount() in postmark) and never came
> back to execute the rest of postmark again. Do you happen to know if there
> is any recent change to the barrelfish network that would lead to this
> problem?
> I really appreciate your help.
> Best,
> -Xin
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